• Productive Innovation Incentive System

Productive Innovation Incentive System

Notice 31/SI/2018

Notice 31/SI/2018, Productive Innovation Incentive System, aims to support projects with high differentiation, diversification, and innovation, in the production of tradable and internationalized goods and services. The operations to be supported may be: 

  • the creation of a new establishment;
  • increasing the capacity of an existing establishment;
  • the diversification of the production of an establishment to products not previously produced in the establishment;
  • the fundamental change in the overall production process of an existing establishment.

It has application in all regions of the continent.

The minimum eligible expenditure is 75,000 euros and the maximum of 25,000,000 euros per project.

Eligible expenses include construction/adaptation of buildings (subject to limits), equipment essential for the activity to be developed, as well as expenses with certain intangible assets associated with the project.

The base support rate ranges from 45% for micro and small enterprises, 35% for medium-sized enterprises and 15% for non-SMEs. These may be increased depending on different conditions, including the location of the project and the number of jobs to be created.

The incentive is divided between an interest-free repayable component and a non-repayable component.

Application phase until 03-15-2019