• Notice 08 / SI / 2020

Notice 08 / SI / 2020

Productive Innovation Incentive System (Low Density Territories)

Territorial scope: All regions of mainland Portugal provided they are in low-density territories.

Promoting Entities: Companies (SMEs and large companies) of any nature and in any legal form.

Objectives: Individual projects in innovative activities, which propose to develop an initial investment, related to the following types are susceptible to support:

- The creation of a new establishment;

- The increase in the capacity of an existing establishment, which should correspond to at least 10% of the installed capacity in relation to the pre-project year;

- The diversification of the production of an establishment for products not previously produced in the establishment, and the eligible costs must exceed by at least 200% the book value of the assets that are reused;

Maximum Incentive Rate: 75%. The total support obtained by applying the financing rate will be divided into two autonomous components:

- 50% of the total amount through a non-refundable incentive, to be attributed within the scope of SI Inovação;

- 50% of the total value through an interest-free bank loan, associated with a financial instrument financed by Portugal 2020. This component is analyzed by the Bank.

The non-reimbursable incentive component is attributed non-definitively until the evaluation of the project results, depending on the degree of fulfilment of the contractually established goals.

Eligible expenses: Expenses in civil construction, subject to limitations; machines and equipment.

Deadline: Until September 7th

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